That’s a fair amount of stuff

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Got the stuff through, didn’t quite fully appreciate just how much stuff I’d actually ordered, but I’ve got it now.
Just need to stop playing Fallout 4 now…


The Transfinite Emergence projector is light on tiny bits, so that should go together very quickly, here’s hoping!

Getting stuff completely painted before next tuesday is impossible, so might have to take a couple of Scratch cards on the chin, but once I have everything done, I will technically have at least one of everything in the Convergence catalogue. Go me.


Oh, and the Perforators, 2nd Enigma foundry, and 1st Transverse Enumerator that good sir Alex held for a while with the intention to build, but being a parent generally got in the way of.


Something Something Fallout 4 Somethingother

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Not done a proper post in quite a while. There’s a few reasons, the two main ones are undoubtedly the fact I’ve ended up having to wait longer than intended to get the next lot of Convergence through the mail.

Fingers crossed I get it around Tuesday!

This might of been a blessing in disguise: Fallout 4 has dominated much of my time, as it would given the circumstances.

Enjoying my time off work before the busy period as well, and they keep finding creative ways to increase the workload, for the same pay. I used to take great pains to make sure what I do was to a high standard, but I find the more I fret over the details, the more fatigue and stress I end the day on . I can’t bloody cope trying to remember 9 million things at 6 in the morning, not when I need to do that for 7-8 days on the trot. Catch 22 though: getting work round where I live is almost impossible because the town centre is a massive commercial dive.

I’m getting stressed just thinking about work, and my psoriasis has been responding favourably to the steroid cream during my time off work, so I don’t want to spoil the progress so far!

Got a titanic piece of Tupperware to transport the Prime Axiom, but not really had any bright ideas how I can secure the axiom while it’s in transit. I had a thought to use a large magnetic sheet that the base could then stick to, but then there’d be problems getting it off the sheet.

I COULD possibly transport the bases separately, but stick rods into the Tupperware for the colossal to sit on? I’m not sure yet, I’m just happy it ‘floats’ now; no more blu-tac here!!

Wax on


Wax off


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Little by little, for the second time now, I’ve gotten all my current Convergence of Cyriss models painted, varnished and based. Woopee!

The Hover vector doesn’t look brilliant compared to the other models. It’s always stuff that hides in the netherworld, then pops out when the camera focuses and takes a snap shot. Oh well.

Rest of the stuff has turned out nicely, even if the photos have inexplicably turned out blurry (they looked crisp on the screen, but must of de-focused as I took the photos. The light has more or less gone even in the Sun room now…

I think it’s the wings: the Clockwork angels have turned out really well!
20151101_150702 20151101_150724

Steelsoul Protector has a well balanced feel to it’s pallete, very happy with her.

20151101_150826 20151101_150833

For a unit that will make 3/4 of my lists, these guys are relatively plain in comparison, but the Optifex Directive unit can save your clockwork army’s bacon from time to time.

20151101_150915 20151101_150926

I do love the Iron Mother Directrix model. Her servitors are alright I guess.

20151101_151108 20151101_151127

Speaking of servitors, it would be rude for me to not mention the Reflex servitors. Rare it would be for me to actually hire them into my army, but they’re not a bad option for the Prime Axiom to drop into play.

20151101_151213 20151101_151228

And the Hover vector. Probably my messiest piece of work really. Least, if you’re looking for faults in it’s paintwork anyway. The messiness becomes invisible when he’s at wargaming table height. Also magnetized, for options!

One minute he’s an Assimilator!

20151101_151322 20151101_151331

Or is he a Conservator?

Or is he really a Modulator?*

20151101_151537 20151101_151552

* no. The modulator is a hovering turkey with everyone except under Syntherion, who makes it passable. But there’s still better choices he could take, so it’s under certain circumstances that this vector becomes worth the chassis.

Happy with my painting so far, getting some stuff back off Alex, who graciously offered to help build some of my stuff couple months back.
In a good spot where owning both the whole range a Warmachine army has access to, AND having it painted is concerned. Couple months, reckon I’ll have everything prettied up. Then I can probably permit myself to indulge mindlessly in the best faction in the game. A faction where half the time the warlock selection doesn’t even matter, and the warbeasts can all become horrendously fast moving Steak Death Machines. The Bronzeback titan is Chuck Norris’s spirit animal. Makeda is so badass, Chuck sometimes gets the honour of buying her drinks; depends how pissed off Makeda is at the time.

The forge must never run cold

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I’ve been pretty quiet the last few days.
Mostly been busy with work and wotnot. I was actually concerned that I wouldn’t have time to paint anything at all, but the clocks going back an hour last Sunday made a massive difference in my wellbeing.
Enough of a difference infact, to get some Convergence of Cyriss painted.

I can’t take photos right now due to it being dark, but got my mini-lamp working again (just fresh batteries really), so been able to paint at night again.
Lot of my earlier Convergence I didn’t really highlight properly. I’ve been highlighting my newest pieces of work without really thinking, and so the quality divide between them and my older Convergence models is really quite sprawling…

Need to come up with a better way to transport my Prime Axiom, going to enlist Good Sir Alex’s guidance on the best way to go about that after I finish with this post, I reckon…

Came up with a witty name for our little painting pledge:

Pendrake’s Super Powered Painting Appaloosa


For those wondering, apparently an Appaloosa is a type of American Horse known for exhibiting colourful, spotted coats…

I’m going to batch-varnish, to save Airbrush cleaning solutions.
To do that, I want to finish what little I have on hand, before I get the bits I gave to Alex to build for me.
It does mean that technically, while stuff is painted, it’s not based, and I want to base my stuff before I call it ‘done’ for the purpose of the painting horse.

Stuff waiting to be varnished & based:
Iron Mother Directrix & Exponent Servitors
Hover vector (Assimilator/Conservator/Modulator)
Steel Soul Protector
Reflex Servitors

Stuff waiting to be painted:
Optifex Directive unit
Clockwork Angels unit

Omni Consumer products

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Know what I missing in my life?
A poseable Ed-209 action figure from Hot Toys.



Been very busy at work, late finishes the past couple days, and more on the horizon it looks like. I don’t have any real time to paint right now, and I’m going to be so wiped out when I finally get a day off, a time when I can properly sit down and paint models. Feh.

Off for a shower then bed now infact: i’m falling asleep now, and it’s only my 2nd day back from my week off!

Prepared for Axis

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A short post, reporting that I’ve now got:

30mm x56
40mm x10
50mm x6
120mm x2

One 40mm base is destined to be used by the Diffuser, which has a 360 degree front arc.

Waiting for my Convergence. It’s taken a few days to get them all in this state (partly delayed due to a SNAFU involving a Vallejo primer not deeing with whatever resin Fenris Games uses). I don’t like to think how long it will take me to get a 2nd walker kit magnetized, plus paint 30 small based infantry with attachments. Due to the skirmish nature of Warmachine, this is a bigger deal than in a game like Warhammer.

Time for a lie-down I think.


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Been trying to get the bases for my Convergence primed, but the resin, man the resin!

Initially tried to prime as normal and of course the resin on most of the bases started sucking the paint through a portal to Mars. So I naturally opted to attempt to seal the bases with pva glue and water. Which meant having to let all that dry. And I’ve came back to the bases, expecting the primer to adhere properly, and it still doesn’t!

Vallejo Acrylic Grey surface primer: you are the worst primer in the history of primers. Clogs the airbrush like no one’s business, adding thinner slows that process (yes, it still clogs, even if constantly being sprayed through), but makes it impossibly watery. Brush-on is either too thin, or too thick, with no in-between.

The Tiger woods of Marriage.
We’re talking Nixon levels of presidential behaviour here.
I’ve seen better adhesion on a non-stick frying pan.

Going to head into town and get a can of the tried & true Halfords grey primer tomorrow. Assuming they’e open on a Sunday.

fifty-six 30mm bases, ten 40mm bases, six 50mm bases and two 120mm bases. That’s a whole lot of base. Thank you, Axis!